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What does HMU Mean on Snapchat | When to Use it in Chats (2019) - Twenty Something Bloggers

What does HMU Mean on Snapchat | When to Use it in Chats (2019)

Millions of People daily use Snapchat and share their images, memories with each other. Doing Chats is also a common think on Social media platforms. In Modern Era, People use short slangs in chats like “HMU”.

The meaning of this Acronyms in (HIT ME UP). However, Today we discuss What Does HMU Mean on Snapchat, also when and where mostly we use it on Snapchat. So, Stay with us!!!

What Does HMU Mean on Snapchat

There are lots of ways to use HMU on Snapchat and in Chatting. Mostly it is used in normal conversation via comments, chats or some other way on Social media.

Lots of our visitors want to learn about where and when the HMU us used on Snapchat. So, here we list down some famous situations where most people use the HIT ME UP and some other online slangs.

Also, in the end, we guide you that how to can use that Slang in a very impressive way. We hope you will learn some new things Today and Subscribe our website for more information about Slang and Acronyms.

Here we GO!!!

In Snapchat Jokes

People use “HMU” or (HIT ME UP) in Snapchat jokes. Mostly when someone sends you a funny snap and tell you something in a funny way.

Lots of HMU images and memes are already available on the internet and used frequently on Snapchat as well as other Social Media networks.

Some of them are HERE, Take a look:

To Tag Someone

Another use of HMU to Tag Someone on Snapchat. Like you are trying to deliver your message to your best friend Like (when you reached home “HMU”).

This is a very modern way to communicate via these types of Acronyms on Social Networking websites.

In Snapchat Icons

There are lots of custom ICONS are use on Snapchat with HMU written on it. These are used in chats to deliver your message in a short way.

Like you msg your brother to pick you from School instead of writing the whole sentence you just send him that HMU Icon and he will understand. Hope you understand.

How to Use HMU more Impressive Way

Now, if you are trying to impress someone by using Slangs and modern chatting then HMU will help you. It is useful to flirt with your loved one and also to crack a joke.

It is solely up to you when and how you use this and other Acronyms to make your chatting more stylish and modern.

Hope you like Today’s Article, if yes then give your Feedback in comments or if you think that we need improvements then also comment below.

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