What Does TBH Mean | Its Meaning & Uses on Social Media in (2020)

Everyone in 2019 uses social media and love to use the online Slangs Like “TBH” and doing Instant texting on the internet.  Lots of new words, Phrases, and Acronyms introduced in online World.

BH is one of them and What Does TBH Mean is one of the common questions people ask on the internet. TBH abbreviation and Full Form:




Simple Huh! but here is the deal we tell you some tricks and tips to chat in a cool way with this Slang and others Like HMU, HML etc.

What Does TBH Mean on Social Media Networks

We notice on different social media networks that TBH is the most frequently used Slang in Comments, as Hashtags, and in Online Chatting.

This is used to discuss something unacceptable or uncomfortable with others.

This is just an expression type thing no other words or phrase described it.

To Be Honest is a phrase and such a long word. So, people use TBH as a short form of it and also because it looks cooler and sounds good.

What Does TBH Mean on Instagram

TBH meaning on Instagram is way similar than normal mean. One different is people use Hashtag of it on Insta and sometimes use it in chatting and in comments but mostly in Tags.

What Does TBH Mean on FB (Facebook)

As you know Facebook has groups, pages, and much more things. But Mostly TBH use in FB Messenger where people chat with their loved ones, friends or family etc.

What Does TBH Mean in Texting

Normally, TBH mean in text is simple, people use it “To be Honest” because there is no tags or other stuff on simple mobile texting. There is no tricks are used to make it more stylish or cool.

Other Uses

A new trend is that people use TBH as a status with rating option from 0 to 5 or 0 to 10.

Where their friends rate the status that indicates the level of Honestly to a mentioned situation. Beside this, there are various uses of, To be Honest, or TBH slang.

We think that you know that what TBL Stands for, in case if you have any questions comment below. Subscribe to get daily notifications and stay active for more online Slang meanings.