Informational Interviews 101

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    Informational Interviews aka an informational conversation is the MOST underrated tool in job searching and networking. Whether you are searching for a job or set in a comfortable position, informational interviews are extremely beneficial. An Informational interview is when you meet with a professional in a desirable field and casually introduce yourself, talk about future opportunities and […] Read More

    Common Résumé Tips That Actually Hurt Your Job Search

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    Outside of cat pictures and whimsical home hacks that will drain your bank account at lightspeed, the most widespread phenomenon on the internet today is everyone giving out free résumé advice. If you make a Google search for “résumé advice”, 61.8 million search results come up…and that’s not even counting the advertisements. With such a proliferation […] Read More

    20SB Weekly Community Round Up


    Each week on Twitter and Facebook, we ask what you’ve been loving. Here’s what you recommended this week! Blog Posts Post-It! Comics: The Secret Club of GIRLS from Smile Big and Pretty Blog Talk: Why WordPress is Better than Blogger from Lush to Blush Long-Distance Relationships from Coffeekat3 Professional Athletes: Good Role Models? from The […] Read More