Budgeting Basics For Twenty Somethings


    Note: This post was originally written for That Tiny Website. You can find this post (complete with Footnotey-goodness) on the original link. As I have progressed into the later part of my twenties, I’ve become fortunate enough to be in a position where I can say I’ve been financially independent for the majority of my […] Read More

    9 Books You Should Read in 2015


    A common New Year’s resolution is to read more books. Every year since 2007 I have challenged myself to read 50 books in 365 days, and each year I have fallen short of that goal. In 2012, I decided to dramatically reduce that goal to nine books so I could actually enjoy what I was reading […] Read More

    Happy New Year! + 2015 Annual Bootlegs


    Happy 2015 from the 20SB Team! Each year we like to get together as a community and recognize some of our favorite bloggers and their writings from the previous year. And this year is no exception! We once again present to you the 2015 Bootleg Awards. This year will be just like the last, where […] Read More