#20SBprompt: Create Something

    I don’t know about you, but I find it impossible to get things done during the winter. I thought that being stuck indoors would mean that my productivity would be at an all-time high, but sadly that was not the case. I had so many ideas and plans going into the winter months, but by […] Read More

    What Twenty Somethings Hate Being Asked In Job Interviews


    Note: This post was originally written for That Tiny Website. You can find this post on the original link. I’m learning that I’m in what is a somewhat uncommon role as a young professional. I’m a twenty-something (I just turned 27 in November) who devotes part of his time to doing job interviews. It’s one of […] Read More

    Siding With Plato — Book Giveaway!


    Last month, we introduced you to 9 books that you should read in 2015. We’d love to help pad your bookshelf with a copy of each book, but let’s start with one to keep your book reading goals manageable. Thanks to the awesome team of people at Authoright, we’re giving away a copy of Michelle Manning’s Siding With […] Read More