20sb Welcomes Ours Newest Members!


    Melissa Brander from Life, Love, and Dirty Diapers From Melissa: I like to blog about a little bit of everything. My blog is my space to be me, though if you asked what I shared about most is would be my kid(s) and the challenges I put myself through!     Kalani from Twenty-ish From Kalani: Twenty-something feels […] Read More

    20sb Weekly Community Round Up


    We asked you on Facebook and Twitter to share with us some of the content you’re loving this week. Here’s what you recommended! BLOG POSTS Wine Wednesday from Everyday Mrs. Sand Cloud Review + Giveaway from That SoCal Life Body Positivity Part 2 from Sincerely, Alaska A Scammy Rat from Syntaxx Errorrr The Lunette Menstrual Cup […] Read More

    8 Résumé Mistakes to Avoid

    8 Résumé Mistakes to Avoid

    We’ve all written one. Agonized over one. I imagine 20-somethings around the world let out a cry of pain whenever it’s “that time” to update our résumés. Unfortunately I don’t have a magical formula to ensure your resume WILL score you that dream job, but I do have a list of things NOT to do. […] Read More