What I Learned Switching To A Self-Hosted Blog


    It was time. After nine years of blogging across four personal blogs hosted across Xanga, Blogspot, and WordPress.com, I finally made the choice to transition to a self-hosted blog. Despite my love for my free WordPress.com blog (not to mention a rather passionate post I once wrote about why blogging for free is nothing to […] Read More

    20sb Weekly Community Round Up


    We love highlighting our members’ writing, so here’s what stood out to us this week! Submit your own by tweeting us blogs and blog posts you love each week! Blog Posts Photo Book Ideas from The Crap After the Cap and Gown Borderline Personality Disorder and the In-Between from Coma Diary Showcase of Lovely Blog Headers […] Read More

    HOW TO: Choose a title for your blog

    Choose a title

    Whether you are just starting a blog or have been blogging for years, the uncertainty will come eventually:  what should I name my blog?  Did I name my blog correctly?  Does the title reflect what I’m writing now as much as it did when I started?  Wherever you are within this naming dilemma, the ideas below- […] Read More