Millennials and Marriage


    Marriage. It’s all about joint bank accounts, buying a house, changing your name, and having babies straight away. Well, not so fast. An article from The Christian Science Monitor says that the Millennial generation is changing traditional views of marriage by challenging the traditional gender roles previously outlined by marital duties. According to Pew Research […] Read More

    How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship in College

    How to survive long distance

    The number of college students in long distance relationships is on the rise, and some estimates suggest that number to be between 20-40 percent.* So you aren’t alone; although I know it can often feel that way. I’m going on year five of my long distance relationship, and by now I’ve figured out how to […] Read More

    What I Learned Switching To A Self-Hosted Blog


    It was time. After nine years of blogging across four personal blogs hosted across Xanga, Blogspot, and WordPress.com, I finally made the choice to transition to a self-hosted blog. Despite my love for my free WordPress.com blog (not to mention a rather passionate post I once wrote about why blogging for free is nothing to […] Read More