8 Résumé Mistakes to Avoid

    8 Résumé Mistakes to Avoid

    We’ve all written one. Agonized over one. I imagine 20-somethings around the world let out a cry of pain whenever it’s “that time” to update our résumés. Unfortunately I don’t have a magical formula to ensure your resume WILL score you that dream job, but I do have a list of things NOT to do. […] Read More

    How To Meet Friends in a New City

    Meeting friends in a new city

    Summer is moving season, and with that often comes relocation to a new city where you don’t know anyone.  Maybe you’ve found a job, or you’ve gotten into a graduate program, or you’ve just decided to pick up and move across the country.  Great!  Here are some tips to help you meet friends in a new […] Read More

    20SB welcomes this week’s newest members!


    This week, 20sb welcomes the following new members to the community: Jessica from Rivers, Streams, and Painted Turtle Shells From Jessica: I blog about music, life in DC, being a young professional, social media trends, and everything else you could possibly think of. I like sports, big cities, tattoos, Jack Daniel’s, and Bruce Springsteen. Find Jessica on Twitter.    […] Read More