20sb Secrets


    We’ve been collecting your anonymous secrets. Some are sad, some are spooky. Leave a comment to support the secret submitter. Or submit your own here! 1. I’m not from earth…. an alien if you like to call me .. but you are all also seem aliens to me. i wish i can tell all the world […] Read More

    20sb Weekly Community Round Up


    Every week we ask for your favorite content from the community. Here’s what you recommended this week! Blog Posts New Beginnings and Letting Go from She Seeks Simplicity Networking, a Step By Step Guide from Denver Young Professional An Average Day in the Life of Liz from Fitness Blondie Why I Am An Atheist from […] Read More

    Guest Blogging Classifieds – August edition


    Are you looking for someone (or a few someones) to submit content for your blog? Maybe you have a blogging series that you’d like to get contributors for. Or maybe you have a couple of great topic ideas that’d be perfect for another blog? Get the word out! Use this form to put a call out for […] Read More