Just Good Old Fashioned Paper and Ink


    At 20SB, we’re all about connecting you with likeminded people and as a result, our members have collaborated on some truly inspirational projects. We love celebrating your accomplishments, which is why we’re helping to spread the word about an awesome project created by one of our members, Martin Appleby. Paper and Ink is a UK-based literary […] Read More

    VEDA Turns Five


    VEDA, also known as Vlogust and Vlog Every Day in August, is a month long vlogging event hosted by our friends We Blog, We Vlog. The blogging group, which started the August version of VEDA in 2010, is celebrating their fifth year of bringing the world of vlogging to the blogging community. WBWV has other vlogging events […] Read More

    20sb Welcomes Ours Newest Members!


    Melissa Brander from Life, Love, and Dirty Diapers From Melissa: I like to blog about a little bit of everything. My blog is my space to be me, though if you asked what I shared about most is would be my kid(s) and the challenges I put myself through!     Kalani from Twenty-ish From Kalani: Twenty-something feels […] Read More