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HOW TO: Choose a title for your blog

Choose a title

Whether you are just starting a blog or have been blogging for years, the uncertainty will come eventually:  what should I name my blog?  Did I name my blog correctly?  Does the title reflect what I’m writing now as much as it did when I started?  Wherever you are within this naming dilemma, the ideas below- […]

20SB Weekly Community Round Up


We love highlighting our members’ writing, so here’s what stood out to us this week! Blog Posts Do You Remember When You Were Young and You Wanted to Set the World on Fire? from You Can Read Me Anything 4 Real Classroom Distractions that Aren’t Leggings from Twenty-ish The Months of ‘Ber: On Leave from […]

20SB Secrets (October)


We’ve been collecting your anonymous secrets. Some are sad, some are spooky. Leave a comment to support the secret submitter. Or submit your own here! 1. I’m not sure if I want to marry my boyfriend because I love him, or because it’s the only stable relationship I’ve ever been in and I’m feeling pressure to […]