Twenty Twenty

Writing Effective Emails


The prevalence of the twenty-something worker in the global labor force is a growing trend. This is partly because of a growing amount of baby boomer generation workers leaving the workforce, opening up jobs for those currently in the working world as well as recent college graduates. Furthermore, as the focus on a digitally-driven economic […]

How to Overcome “New Post Depression”


We’ve all been there.  You haven’t written in a little too long, you can’t think of a new post, and slowly this feeling of inadequacy and failure starts to creep over you.  You’re completely overwhelmed. Just dealing with this emotion is too much, and you put off writing for longer and longer, and the next […]

20sb Weekly Community Round Up!


Each week on Twitter and Facebook, we ask what you’ve been loving around the blogosphere. Here’s what you all suggested this week! Blog Posts Memories and Regrets in Korea from The Students’ Lifestyle Hold Your Drool. Dishes of Korea from The Students’ Lifestyle I’ve Been Home for Seven Years from Sailor July xo It’s time […]