Any books out there that you read and you just didn't like.

I hated Perfume. I thought the plot was dumb and I hated some of the descriptions. Yes, let's talk about the smell of a doorknob!!

I can's even get into the horror that is 50 Shades.

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I have not read 50Shades (or Twilight) so I can't comment on them, but a book I found to be really awful was The Lovely Bones. I had heard good things about it, but it was just not for me. I found the Susie to be unlikeable, and the ending with Ray was too much. I bought it when it first came out, and it was probably the first book I had bought where I was like "eh, not going to read this again, who wants it?"

I liked the book until the ending. I really didn't care for the ending at all.

I agree--I enjoyed the book, but the end was not great. 

I'm sorry Jane Austen fans, but I can't get through Pride and Prejudice. I've tried. Twice. I even tried reading Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies in hopes that some brain-seeking undeads would liven (ha!) things up a bit, but NO. 

I also have a love/hate relationship with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I really enjoyed half of it, but the first quarter and last quarter of the book were crap*.

* Take my "review" with a grain of salt.

Fincher's adaptation of the book makes my short list of movies-better-than-the-book, partially because it's a well done movie but mostly because the book just isn't that good.

This makes me so sad. I love Pride and Prejudice dearly and find it to be one of the most entertaining of Austen's works. D:

You're my hero.

I did not like Water for Elephants at all and I cannot stand David Sedaris--I've noticed that most of the NYT bestsellers and  widely popular books don't really do it for me.

Awww! I love DS!  He's my favorite person!

I cannot believe it ! David Sedaris is my favorite writer, utter talent and a wonderful person !!!

I'm not a fan of DS either. I hadn't read any of his books before I would occasionally hear his segments on This American Life. I found his narrative style irritating on radio but wanted to give it a shot anyway, hoping that reading it would be different. Nope. I barely got through Me Talk Pretty One Day :/.

I couldn't bring myself to finish Water for Elephants. It never grabbed me.


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