Which platform do you all prefer for your blogging wordpress or blogspot and why? I've gone back and fourth between both over the past few years here. I love being able to customize more on blogspot but there are other little things I like on wordpress as well. Just wondering what you guys like better and why?


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I use Blogger. They're both good for basic blogging. there are more templates and more customization options for wordpress but you also get and onslaught of "you should pay to upgrade!!" 

I still prefer Blogger, just because it is way more user friendly. Wordpress is amazing for customized layouts, but you really need to have a basic or working knowledge of their code. If you do, then amazing. If not, Blogger will work just fine.

Blogger for free hosting, and WordPress for self-hosting.'s capability is okay, but in their free versions WP is not as customizable compared to Blogger from the get-go. If you have your own domain and hosting, nothing compares to WordPress because you'll get access to all the files and will be able to code your way to exactly what you want.

Since I'm a web developer I do the WP self-hosted option. 

Started on Blogger, grew into using Wordpress. I say "grew" because of the exact reasons Nico stated; Wordpress is really only worth switching to if you self-host.

I don't think it matters too much when you first start out, but once you start craving features you'll probably want to switch to self-hosted Wordpress if you haven't already.

I could reply with some long explanation, but Nico and Dan pretty much covered everything.

I've always been a WordPress fan, but I admit that I switched from to pretty quickly. If you're self-hosting, I think WP is a no-brainer. I'm a big fan of all the customization options and plugins. 

if you self host using blogger there are no additional features?

What exactly is the difference between and I've always been curious, especially now that I'm very seriously considering switching over to WP from Blogger.

I'm a huge fan of WordPress for reasons Jennifer and nicopolitan list! and it's not close.

Blogger has the look and feel of something a teenager would use, both on the back end as well how many of its design tools cause blogs to look on the front end. Wordpress has a professional, sleek layout, and while you can certainly add a bit of whimsy to your site through Wordpress, it must be something intentionally done, whereas Blogger requires you to work hard to make your site look remotely professional.

I had blogger for a year or so but switched to wordpress and never looked back. I just switched to selfhosting and I am in LOVE with all the options, but even the .com wordpress is still pretty awesome! 

I'm using blogger. I think I used wordpress for a week and then gave up; I just figured I'd stick with what I know and maybe reassess in the future.


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