Hey guys!  I'm looking at getting a new board game sometime soon, and was wonderig if anyone had any games they've been really enjoying lately.  I play a lot of more complicated board games like Arkham Horror, Game of Thrones, Tannhauser, etc and don't mind a game taking a zillion hours to finish.  ^_^  What's everyone been playing??

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It sounds like you enjoy different kinds of games than I am used to playing, but these are some that were really popular when we used to have game nights with all our friends.



Apples to Apples

Smart Ass


Scene It

I used to play Scene It with a bunch of friends - one guy was like an encyclopedia of movie trivia, knew 99% of the answers (and not from repeated play-throughs of the game). It was almost more fun watching him than actually playing. ^_^

Those are awesome party games - I've never heard of Smart Ass, I'll check it out!

It's awesome.  There are different categories (like What, Who, Where...and I think one more).  For a "Who" card, for example, there would be a name on the bottom and then 10 clues about the person.  The clues start off really vague (I was born in 1972) and get more specific (I won Best Actress in X movie).  The person to guess it first gets to move around the board, and the first person to finish is the "Smart ass."  It's fun :)

Apples to Apples is the best! I also like Catch Phrase and Settlers of Catan.


LOVE IT! Haven't played it in years!

I haven't played board games in years, but if you want a strategy game that takes a zillion hours to finish try Risk. 

Shockingly I've never actually played Risk!! I'm always down for games that take a zillion hours. ^_^


Trivial Pursuit



Mad Gab

Oh man, I've sunk quite a few hours into Trivial Pursuit. ^_^ I've never heard of Mad Gab or Snatch, I'm excited to check them out!

Since you've already tried Arkham Horror, I would suggest two other cooperative board games that we really enjoy playing at my flat:

Pandemic and Shadows over Camelot.

If you want to buy a competitive, easy to run/understand game, I suggest Race for the Galaxy. And if you don't want to be friends with your friends after your finished, by all means, try Twilight Emporium ^.^



For more on tabletop gaming you can always check out Wil Wheaton favorite youtube channel:Table Top Home to a million unfunny gag reels and some interesting game suggestions. 


Great blog, btw---totally following! 

Thanks so much for following! =)

I've had my eye on Twilight Imperium but I haven't had a chance to play - it looks awesome! I'm always prepared to lose friends in the interests of experiencing a sweet game (as long as it's not a permanent loss). ^_^

I've had a blast with Pandemic - my mom actually got that for family board game nights. Big hit with everyone!

Shadows over Camelot and Race for the Galaxy I've never heard of, but they both look like fun. I love having a variety of games to choose from. No matter what you're in the mood for, there's always something to play!

Totally checking out Table Tob as soon as I get away from the office. ^_^


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