I have noticed on two of my blogs that there is a fake website that is considered one of my top 3 traffic sources. The first time I saw it, I clicked on it and it just led me to a page that says the url is not found. I googled the link (www3.t-8jy1o8pij.trickip.net) and found out that a lot of bloggers have encountered this same link on there blog. DON'T ClICK ON IT! I'm not sure if it's a virus or what. So far my computer is fine, but I don't understand why it is on my blog and giving me bogus views.

How do I get rid of them so I know my actual page view counts??!! Please help!

Sarah @ sarahbeingsarabell

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I don't know how to get rid of them, but one of my posts keeps getting hundreds of spam views/comments per day haha. It won't tell me the traffic source, and they don't comment/view any other post. It's ruined my bounce rate on my google analytics and it's makin' me maaaaad! Sorry I was absolutely no help, but had to share my similar frustration haha :)
Lol thanks for responding though, at least I know I'm not the only one! It's sooo aggravating!

I have no idea, I get the same thing.  I don't have spam comments or anything weird other than the pageview sources, but it does kind of suck since I doubt those are really true readers.

its almost like instagram now. damn spammers

My top two referrers when I click on the link lead me to some random site that has nothing to do with my blog, no link to it or anything so I don't get it. It's really annoying!!


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