I hate this forum setup where the replies to a comment go under the comment instead of at the end of a thread with the ability to quote previous comments. I MISS SO MANY COMMENTS. Also, I'd liek the ability to subscribe to a thread without receiving emails about new comments, just some kind of notification on the site. THANKS.

I would never be this forward if I wasn't drinking. SO COUNT YOURSELF LUCKY. THANKS.

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Noted! Thanks Owen.

Next time, feel free to send the 20SB team feedback directly at admin@20sb.net.

But if I did that no one else would see my brilliant ideas. :D

I like that you are drinking. I was going to suggest you had a stiff shot of something after watching your Vlog... ;)

It only goes to the comment under the comment if the writer clicks reply under that comment. If they click reply under the compose box at the top of the forum page, it goes at the end. Meaning someone can reply to the entire thread, or to one specific reply.

I think what he wants is a "quote" option.  This allows you to comment at the end of a thread, but basically copies previous replies into your response automatically (at least, that's how it worked on other forums I was a part of).  This allows you to respond to multiple people (because you can "quote" as many as you want), yet you only have one response at the end of the page.  It makes it easier than having to respond to everything individually, which leads to leaving multiple comments on the same thread to address everything.

Sounds like Owen wants something closer to the setup that message boards based on Invision have. I would like to examples for anyone unfamiliar, but of the two which I belong to, one was recently destroyed by NBC (it was their "official/unofficial" board for Heroes) and the other requires people to sign in before seeing the forum itself.


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