So fellow 20SBer Allie Howell posted a great discussion about Disney buying out Lucas Films Ltd and how Disney is starting production (pre-production to be exact) on Star Wars Episode VII. And as expected, "fan boys/girls" rose up showing their disgust and hate for this situation. 

Now this happens multiple times that there's pretty much a formula created and it's applied to any film or video game or book or any kind of medium of media that portrays an established franchise. And whenever this happens, there's always gonna be a crowd of people that will hate it.

My question is...why be so cynical?

And to cover both you feel like your being a bias fan boy/girl add any validity to your statements, or steer you away from being objective? 

I ask these questions not to offend people, but to get a discussion going. Because you know...this is a discussion board, an online form for users to "discuss." I'll respect your opinion and statement, even if you don't do the same for me. Cause you know, that's called being mature, being an adult. 

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People tend to to cling to what they know.  And if it's something fairly obscure or that other people make fun of, it gets turned into this "fan club" kind of thing where it's celebrated and turned around to be almost like a badge of honor (Oh well do you know THIS obscure fact, or I liked them way before XYZ).  So when anything starts to change the status quo or brings something to the attention of the masses (versus the subgroup) then people want to avoid that and talk it down.  JMO.

I had a feeling people would end their responses with IMO and other related things. 

And I guess it's that group of people that I'm not a fan of, those that cling to what they know. The type of people that fear change like it's the plaque, close themselves up to any sort of reform or new ideas. But then again, all I know is change. I grew up overseas with the military life style, moving pretty much every 3-4 years, and so was everyone else, so we knew how to adapt to new environments and new situations. Because we were all like this, we were welcoming of all types of people, new or old, and in my opinion we need more people like that. 

People that are more welcoming rather than reserved. 

Well when a thread is about cynical people and people who love to hate things...yeah.  The JMO felt necessary. 

I genuinely thought the prequels weren't that great. I enjoy the original SW movies.  I'm not trying to be cynical. Just  sharing my opinion.

Oh well yeah that I understand and I wasn't talking about JUST Star Wars but for other similar things. 

I have my franchises that I'm a super duper hardcore geek over like Silent Hill or Resident Evil. I'm an OG fan of the classic games, but I don't get up to arms and quickly bash the movies like I'm out on some sort of religious war. Yeah the movies suck, but I'm well grounded enough to separate the two. 

But of course everyone's a critic and everyone has their own different opinions, oh well. 

I think the attitude in question here is more about the "Oh that sucks the originals are so much better you're stupid/lame/easily influenced/insert other hipster insult here if you like anything new/similar/not authentic enough."  Not a "I didn't like that.  To each their own" attitude.


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