In your experience, what tends to be people first impession of you? What is the first thing that they notice?


I'm told by a lot of people, after they get to know me, that they were intimidated by me at first. It always shocks me. Not because I'm Miss Friendly Pants, because I know I'm not, but I am quiet, small and usually hoarding zebra cakes.


First thing they notice...? I get the most comments on my nail polish or my calves. My best friend says it looks like I'm smuggling dinosaur eggs in my legs. She's a doll.


Share yours below! Or I will intimidate you to tears.

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Probably that I'm shy or moody. I'm generally pretty quiet around people I'm not familiar with at first, but once I get to know out! I'm loud. lol
Also, in high school when I would meet my sisters friends she would tell them not to be afraid, that's just my face. haha I think I generally have a permanent bitch face going on. Something kinda like this:

(sorry don't know the original source for this!)


I think I get the guy version of this, whatever you might call that.  Basically, people usually think I'm either being a stand-offish dick, or I'm depressed about something.  To be fair, sometimes I am down about stuff, but only a very close friend would notice the difference.

This is the best thing I have ever seen! I totally have bitch face, but its just cause I'm not a smiley person. People always say I look like a complete bitch when they meet me but once they get to know me its totally different. I'm just very skeptical and un-trusting of people (I have a Daria outlook on life a lot) and until I tend to be reserved until I get to know someone.

I replied before reading your comment and now feel I should have just written "THIS!"

I get this ALL THE TIME. Just because I don't walk around smiling all the damn time doesn't mean I'm not happy. I'm fine, yo. Take a pill.

This is exactly the same for me too!

omg, this has happened to me so many times in my life. "Cheer up". It's the natural angle of my face, you idiot. The edge of my mouth curves slightly down and it can look like a have a slight scowl even though I am not really scowling.

I'd like to think this is me too, but I have a feeling that 85% of the time when I have bitchface, it's because I have bitchthoughts to match them...

Those pesky bitchthoughts, always causing bitchface...

This is totally awesome. I get something very similar, except that instead of having bitchface, I just end up looking really bored. I'm not, that's just how my face is... 

hahaha glad I'm not alone with the chronic bitchface!
My fiance always complains about it too! "look happier!" he says but it's usually just my tv watching face or my normal bitch face lol

This is amazing. I don't have bitchface, I have fiveyearoldface, but this is amazing all the same.


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