In your experience, what tends to be people first impession of you? What is the first thing that they notice?


I'm told by a lot of people, after they get to know me, that they were intimidated by me at first. It always shocks me. Not because I'm Miss Friendly Pants, because I know I'm not, but I am quiet, small and usually hoarding zebra cakes.


First thing they notice...? I get the most comments on my nail polish or my calves. My best friend says it looks like I'm smuggling dinosaur eggs in my legs. She's a doll.


Share yours below! Or I will intimidate you to tears.

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LOL. Oh you don't have five year old face! At least 10. ;)


I like Sweeney face. I have tried many times to replicate it and failed miserably.

Ten! Pretty soon they'll start letting me into PG-13 movies and everything...

Sorry, Lor, there's a special idiot gene that allows one to make that dopey face.  I guess you don't have it.

I love this cartoon. So me!

The picture describes it exactly. ALL of my friends said they didn't like me at first. They said they thought I looked like a miserable bitch until they got to know me and realized (HELLO) I'm awesommme

First thing everyone notices on me is my eyes, skin, and hair. Light blue eyes, fair skin, brown (almost black) hair. I guess it's a weird combo.

Either people think I'm very shy or an idiot. I like shattering both preconceptions before feeding right back into them.

I tend to be a little on the shy side and there are so many times I feel like it's coming across as stupidity. Maybe I should carry around a really big book for those occasions.

This, except more idiot, less shy.

People just tell me that I am very mellow and laid back, which I am like 50% of the time. The other 50% I am pretty darn weird and awkward. 

I honestly have no idea. Combative maybe? Though I recently had a girl tell me I am always "chill" and she could never picture me upset. So I have no idea really.

Freeman, I'm going to tell you the truth: I can picture you upset. :)

I can honestly say, I have no idea what sort of first impression I give.  Probably creepy.

I know my first impression of you was sort of a fake one, since we knew each other through blogs and emails and stuff, but I thought you were so adorable. Seriously. I think either Penny said to me, or I said to her, that we could picture you in those old 1960 print ads. Disarmingly wholesome and wonderful.

Then you figure out that you aren't quite so wholesome and it makes it even awesomer. :)


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