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I posted yesterday but just in case you missed it as I seem to have lost the old post lol here it is again:

I've been a writer for a website for the past couple of months, and it's been awesome. I'm scouting for new a couple more writers to join the site, it's mainly Aussie but there's heaps of other writers from all over the world. You get payed per view so it's good to get lots of traffic and work your blog, facebook, and other social networks to get more moneys hehe.

If you're interested email me (lariana@islandmeetscity.com) and I'll send you the link and some info about how to sign up, it's all free and you can pretty much write about anything under the sun but the articles that make the most money are those about leisure, travels, top lists etc. it's not an equivalent to a wage per month, but its def awesome extra spending money for small stuff, plus it'll help you get your blog out there and your writing to become a lil more well known.

I'm looking for REAL writers so that's why I'm not spamming the link everywhere, think my editors on the site might not be to happy about that hehe. Anywhos hope to talk soon, Lariana :)

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Let me know if they or any of their sister/brother sites need writers who aren't Aussies. I don't have that honor :(

Hey, you don't have to be aussie, there's some writers from the UK, asia, and I think a couple of americans :) pm your email will send the deets

Oh this sounds very interesting, I've tried to msg you but can't at the moment. When you can please send me some more details of this site so i can look around. Thanks 

hey Rogue what's your email? mine's lariana@islandmeetscity.com

PM sent :)

RE sent ;)

Thanks, and I applied and been approved. Just submitted my first article yesterday, given the calibre of other articles I've read, I don't have much high hopes of having my first article approved. 

Oh well, here's hoping I have a second shot at improving it. Oh and I added you as the referrer too.

Hey Kev, don't be too hard on yourself, you might get your first one on, but maybe your editor score will be a little lower but don't worry everyone's first try doesn't get a perfect 10/10 or even 9/10, you'l learn as you go. Remember when publishing to click on 'Advanced Options' before submitting, there you can fill out your who,what,when,whys etc. :) will raise your editor score and thus the CPM (you can read about it in the faqs) Thanks for adding me as ya referrer, best of luck and cya around there ;) p.s oh yeah and don't use smileys in any articles like I'm using here haha

Wow, much to my amazement, my first article has been approved and published! One thing I did notice is my author avatar shows weekendnotes logo, I've been trying to find a way to update this with my own avatar. 

Other than that I am stoked it's published!

Awesome job Kev! Will have to check it out ;) To change your avatar, go to: Settings (along the grey bar) > Edit Profile Image

Sent you an email earlier today.

RE Sent :)


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