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A little about me: Hi. I'm Erini. I'm on the executive board for 20SB. I've been blogging since around 2000, and on my current site, AdorkableMe, for over 4 years now. I'm a writer and designer in Chicago. I travel/work for a 30+ piece circus punk rock marching band. I pay rent by running a school as their program director. I'm also a Nintendo Brand Ambassador.

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Hey everyone! We're so excited to join the 20SB Community!

We are Britt and Claire, and we run OffCultured, a blog about...everything! We've been friends for over a decade, and have both done our fair share of blogging over the years; now we've banded together to do it a little differently. We fall into the "I want to see and do anything and everything I dream of!" category, but Britt is primarily a writer and Claire is a fashion designer (and we're both working on finishing up our first novels).

Here's a little about OffCultured from our about page:

OffCultured is what you get when you want to do everything, see everything, learn everything; and go about it as you so desire. It's being boundless and adventurous, open and honest, and wanting to share your experiences with others, hoping to inspire as much as you find inspiration.

OffCultured celebrates life and choosing to live it by your own rules.
Unconventional. Unrestrained. Undefined.
But there's always more where that comes from, so check us out! We're looking forward to meeting some new blogger friends! :)

Loved your blogging style. You guys remind me of my sister and i. I'm inspired! :P

Hi! Welcome! My name is Nagehan and I'm a Turkish-American writer and educator. I recently moved from NYC to live in Philadelphia with my husband. I teach at Columbia and Drexel Universities and I write about my raves and rants about everyday life. ;) You will love 20sb. We're a neat little community here.

you can visit me here xo

My name is Jessica I am the proud writer at Southern Ramblings.  I am a married southern belle with a wonderful husband, and two beautiful furbabies.  About a month ago I decided to start a blog to help me through my senior year in college.  My blog is very random,  I write about whats going on in my life, my family/trying to conceive, and lots of other topics that are important to me.  I started blogging because this last year has been full of ups and downs, and I really wanted to share them with others.    Drop by, stay awhile and thanks in advance!

I'm a Southern blogger named Jessica too! What a small world. West Tenn. and central Ala. have some things in common! :)

Oh my gracious! we are extremely similar! I am so excited to follow your blog! Im over at

Hi! I'm Alene. I'm a psychology student. I live in Ottawa/Kingston, Ontario. I write about whatever comes to mind/is going on in my life. It's basically a summary of what I talk about when I'm Talking To Myself, so that's what I called it. I love music, tv, reading, Twitter, travel and food. I like to keep my blog posts light and as humorous as possible, because that's exactly the kind of stuff I like to read online.

I'm a Psychology graduate from Ottawa :) I'll be sure to check out your blog. 


Hi! My name is Morgan. I've been blogging for almost 10 months; my blog is mostly about life in general. I talk about music, food, some fashion, but most of all, about my weight loss journey. Currently, I'm busy with 5 part-time jobs and keeping up on my music (I am a music major who just graduated from the University of Cincinnati)! Here's my blog: hope you enjoy! 

From Big and Beautiful to Just Plain Beautiful

My name is Sarah and I just joined this community last week. I have only been blogging for a week but I love it! Enjoying meeting new folks, and learning about everyone! My blog is It's pretty much just musings and humorous thoughts I have about whatever pops into my head

Hey all. I'm Chanel. I've been blogging consecutively since 2008. Im a personal blogger who just happens to be in love with photography :-). I've owned many domains but I now rest at

By day, I work in law. By night, I do too many things to ever become genius at any of them.

Hi, I'm Rhiannon. My blog over at The Sparkly Panda where I blog about cooking, my kids, gaming, fashion, beauty, funny pictures... Lots of things! I recently come back to blogging after taking over a year out with being busy at home with children, moving house and helping out friends but now I have some sort of free time if you call nap times, free time instead. I live in Lincoln, UK and I'm engaged to my partner of 6 years and have 2 beautiful little girls.


Welcome to 20SB!






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