I have not been on here in ages and now I am toooo old!! Does 20SB have a 30SB??

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There used to be a separated 30 Something Bloggers network (not under our control), but that seems to be defunct now. If you're looking for a blogging network without an age restriction, you might want to check out BlogHer.


I just turned thirty last month and no one's kicked me out yet. Maybe they just haven't found me, or they're too lazy and don't give a crap. Whatever the case, if you're already a member and you hit 30, no one cares! (Re)join the party!

Funny!!! I think I will! I didn't know I missed it til I revisited the site yesterday!!  Need to get my creative juices flowing again!!

Ditto, I haven't logged on in ages but got an email for something today that I'd been meaning to check out for some of my younger friends and thought aww I remember that site getting me through some rough times in my 20s!

We do not actively accept 30+ members. If a member member turns 30 they are more than welcome to stay and be active in the community. We actually see that most 30+ members will start to phase themselves out after a while. So with that said, we are not lazy and we do give a crap =].

PS: We found you now =P.

Um, I mean, I'm 22 again. I look young. Does that help?

Also, are you saying that you want me to phase myself out? Like, set phasers to stun? Because uh, that's kind of awesome.

Nugs, stop lying.

You're like 12.

I love this topic Brandi! 

My 20s are going to wave a bye-bye to me soon, and to be frank, I wish to stay in my twenties like for-ever. I just discovered I have so many things that I wanted to do, and I just wished I could have done all these in my early twenties. 

My assumption is, if you've joined 20SB when you're STILL in your 20s, that should counts! :p

Much love,



Rynna, I'm in the same boat. Surviving through denial AND acceptance (hence my blog).


I wish there was a site for 30SB. I'm sure I'll still be blogging at 30. My blog is still a baby. 



I've been wondering about this, too, because I turn thirty next year, and I know it would be great if there was a community set specifically for thirty-something bloggers. I do hope that one crops up soon.


Welcome to 20SB!






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