... well the holiday season in general. Everyone is putting up their Christmas Trees or getting ready for Hanukkah (yes I had to google the spelling). So what is everyone doing? Who has fun family traditions and who are you dreading trying to figure out a present for?

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The only thing I've done so far is listen to Lady Gaga's "Christmas Tree" song.  If you don't know it, look it up. 

Truthfully, it's hard for me to think about Christmas while it's still November, but I suspect I will partake in the traditional Chinese take-out with my family on Christmas Eve, followed by a viewing of The Pee-Wee Herman's Christmas Special. 

As for Christmas gifts, I learned to can pickles last summer when I was bored and made more jars than I know what to do with.  Everyone in my family is going to get a jar of pickles with a cute little bow on it.  Hey, they're some pretty damn good pickles!  Hopefully people will like them.  I'm notoriously terrible at Christmas presents...

I don't like to start thinking about Christmas until December arrives. When it does, I will put up some fairy lights, kick back and watch Bad Santa.

I don't remember Bad Santa that well having only seen it once, but I do recall hating seeing Lauren Graham in a role that so anti-Lorilai Gilmore :P

One of my favorite things about the Holidays is the food. Festive finger foods, cheese balls, dips, turkey etc... We spend a lot of time visiting family over Christmas, so we eat a lot and drink rum & Egg Nog and wine.

Other than that, the usual... Christmas music, movies, buying and wrapping gifts, decorating our house and a tree... All that fun stuff is what makes my Holidays super special.

It can also be a very emotional time. Christmas time can make you really lonely for those that aren't with you anymore... :(

Definitely decorated last week, and I must say, coming home from work and watching TV with the tree lights on is awesome. I'm kind of lost as to what to get for my mom, but I've got everyone else figured out. In fact, I'm going Christmas shopping in a few hours! My mom goes crazy with baking, so I thoroughly enjoy reaping the benefits :)

maybe you can get her baking supplies, consumable stuff like cupcake liners and colored sugar.

I always have to work on Xmas so my parents come to me instead of vice versa. Due to a small apt kitchen we make seafood appetizers for dinner (ala the Italian Seven Fishes tradition) on Xmas eve and go out for Xmas dinner. I never know what to get my dad so suggestions would be awesome!

MP3 player? Always works for mine. Failing that, an expensive bottle of whiskey.

Already have my Christmas playlist filling the house with festive tunes 24/7! Dreading buying presents for everyone, really. Far too much pressure. 

The house is decorated (not nearly enough for me taste), the tree is up, and presents are wrapped!  I LOVE Christmas and have been working on presents since September, I only have 3 more left to get (and I know what one of those will be).  Personally I think the tendency to wait until the last minute to deal with Christmas is what makes it so stressful...but hey, I'm the annoying person who actually enjoys the holiday so no one wants to listen to me =)

I don't really have any family traditions, but I'm always interested in hearing about what others do.  I'd like to have something special to do once I have kids.

Tree is going up tomorrow! I'm thrilled because this year, my roommates and I are all done with grad school so we don't have to worry about juggling papers and work and other responsibilities anymore, leaving lots of time for decorating. We have a great deal: they buy the tree, I buy the supplies for a cocktail or two while we decorate and listen to music.

Just finished buying my gifts, I'm glad that my group of friends have decided to do a secret santa-style exchange which leaves my list a lot shorter this time around! It's so much easier buying one nice gift for someone instead of a bunch of meh gifts because your budget is so low.

Sicilian Christmas Eve is really the best there is. Even though I'm a vegetarian now and can't partake in the eating of the seven fishes I love that my family still does this! As much as I enjoy Christmas, Christmas Eve with my large Italian-American family is really wonderful.


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