My name is Gabs/Gabby/Tron/Rude Girl. I like double whiskey sours, good music, and good people. My blog is explicit, in a sense that I swear like a sailor and talk about sex openly. I speak my mind and sometimes wonder why the hell I am putting this business on the web. Oh well, read if you would like. Just thought I would introduce myself and meet some cool kids. Get at me brah.

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Thanks K! Just read your blog, I really like your style :)
Thanks boo, you da best. Checkin' out your blog as well. I don't really know anyone on this site, so I'm just digging' around and tryin' to meet people, ya feel me.

Um I love whiskey sours :-) and Im new here too!


oh shenanigans!

Holla holla shannon. Now I have someone to discuss my love for Whiskey with :)
lmao, just read your blog. I like you.
Lol. Thanks! I like you and your blog as well. Can we be friends already?
you're cool; you can stay.
Haha, thanks Robin. Glad I passed the test. About to peep yo blog.
Tron? ....POIDH
Yes? Hahaha, what on earth does POIDH mean?


Welcome to 20SB!






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