20sb is in the process of curating a series of guest posts geared towards new bloggers, called Blogging 101. We've been asking the community what kinds of topics you all would find useful in this series and we've assigned some of the topics to writers already. But we're still looking!

Ideally, we're looking for writers for the following topics:

  • Gimp tutorial
  • making money from your blog
  • legal stuff (FTC regulations, copyright issues, etc)
  • Blogger add-ons, like the option to add Advertisements to your blog (do they really earn money? or only if you have a large enough audience? etc).

However, we're open to other topics.

If you're a bit of an expert in these (or other!) areas and want to contribute to this series, please email blogs@20sb.net or renee@20sb.net.

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Hey Renee,

I"m interested. I get 20-40 newsletter subscribers on my blog per day. I have also made $2000-$2500 on my blog in the past year. I put together a video series that shows more here: http://dainlewis.com/blog-series/

I'll shoot you an email.



Wow that's amazing! I'm still trying to get my readership up :) http://jazzgarcelle.blogspot.com/

When it comes to legal stuff- I've got a pretty good knowledge of the law and things that are and aren't legal. I've even fought my way around laws on sites like youtube. I use creative commons and have researched copyright laws. I'd love to help write articles to help out others!


Hi Elizabeth! We'd love your expertise. Write up a post and send it my way! renee@20sb.net

Ah, if this was also centered around WordPress, I'd be able to help! I've also had some experience with the Copyright things. I don't know if that's enough to qualify me to have adequate status to help out. :x


Welcome to 20SB!






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