Congratulations to Cassie, who was voted February's Featured Blogger! Send some link-love and digital high-fives her way.

The votes have been cleared so everyone is back at zero. If your favorite blogger hasn't been featured yet that's because they need YOU to nominate them! Here's a few rules/tips to make this process easier:

1) Sorry guys, but you shouldn't nominate yourself. It's about being nominated by your PEERS.

2) Please provide a link to the person's profile. Just stating their name doesn't mean we know who you are talking about. If you only list a name (no links) we most likely won't count it.

3) If someone nominates a blogger that you love, great! But to avoid confusion, if you want your vote to count, please say so. Good Example: "I agree. He/she has my vote too!" or even "Seconded" will suffice. Bad Example: "I love him/her too!"

4) We know you love your blogger buds, but voting for them twice in one month doesn't help. One vote per month. Get out there and encourage others to vote!

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I'm not sure if she's ever been featured blogger, but I'd like to nominate Meghan Sara Karre of Adventures In Mediocrity.

Her stories about her life consistently manage to make me smile—something that is, generally, not a common occurrence for me. 

PLUS ONE for Sarah! She's a badass with words.

YOU GUYS!!! Way to just make my day. I am actually all teary right now from the extreme flattery (and perhaps PMS)! xo

Since Lauren's already won and I kind of just discovered Metamorphocity and love it, my vote also goes to Sarah.

My vote is for lauren danger of There's Only One Box. Love her blog. Love her.

My vote goes to Lauren too. She's the best!

I do, too, but I just checked the Featured Blogger page and she's won before.

Ah, I probably should have checked that first.

Could you post a link to this fabled list, please? I couldn't find it.

Here you go Hayden: Featured Bloggers

It's under Members in the top nav bar.

Seeing as my original vote is now null and void, I am going to change my vote to Hayden Fenell of Ultimate Gourmet.  I have only just discovered his blog but it is a delightful read. Delightful indeed.

Thank you, Martin. You are too kind.


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