So I tend to queue up several days of posts in advance. One reason I do this is because I have to got to library for internet access (or someplace with wifi) and some days I just can't make it there. But sometimes when I've already got something scheduled for a certain day, or already posted for that matter, another topic will come up that I want to address in a timely fashion.

How many posts a day are too many. I think it looks best with one, at a fairly regular time, to be posted daily. I have on occasion added another to make an update (like for Hurricane Sandy) or to promote a giveaway. But sometimes I want to post about an even that happened over the weekend or last night and doing that would mean either double posting or having to rearrange the whole post schedule. 

I'm sure I'm over-thinking this whole thing, but I'd really like some group input.

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I personally like to give each post a few days to "settle in" because I fear that once a new post takes it's place, the others will just get lost... Sometimes I even wait a week or more before posting a new one. Then again, I don't have a back log of posts waiting to be published - I just write as I go! (I often try to bring back old posts instead of pushing new ones, like today in "My Latest Post" I linked old posts that I thought deserved a little love!)


So going back to your question, in my opinion, more than one post a day might be a little much. I once read a Blog where posts were just flying in left right and centre and it became hard to keep track. I couldn't keep up with her, so I lost interest.

I agree, the most I've ever posted is once a day, everyday, which I think is okay if you don't have too much content on each post. But more than once a day becomes cumbersome to your readers.

Yeah, I don't like posting more than once a day, with the exception of maybe an announcement post that I feel might get lost tacked onto a larger content post. Then I split them up.

I find it quite annoying when blogs that I follow are flooded with multiple posts in a day. Sometimes even one a day can be hard to keep track of. I only post on my blog around once a week but I guess it all depends how much you have to say and how interested people are to read it.

I have so many different types of posts. I think only once a week would make them seem awkward, where posting daily let's me keep the variety without seeming overly random.

If you have something to post every day I say go for it. Go with what feels right to you. If you're worried about over posting maybe post once every other day?

It's more the multiples a day I was worried about. I do need to be more okay with not posting some days where I just can't think of anything to say.

Anything more than every other day is too much, IMO.  If it's a super special occasion I can deal with it every now and then, but in general it's a huge turn off.  I have unfollowed blogs I really enjoyed because it just became too much for me to keep up with.

I giggles at this, only because I've unfollowed blogs because they didn't post daily. Any less than every other day bothers me. We all have our preferences in life. (Like I hate it when sales people try to help me, and will often leave a store if I get to much instant attention, but the "average customer" wants that attention!)

Urge, I hate that in store attention! Just leave me alone to shop dammmit!!

"I've unfollowed blogs because they didn't post daily"

This... blows my mind. 

Agreed.  I mean...yeah.  I'm just going to agree and stop there.


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