A collection on VLOGS... Old and new... Post your link here... We want to meet you!


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Here is my most recent video blog over at 

The Post Modern Talko

This is exactly what I wanted! Yay! I am loving Vlogs these days...

Nice to meet you! :)

Lol... Vodka DOES look like water if you put ice in it...

We wanna see yours!

Slack in that department. Never made one!

Why do you sound completely different than I imagined? Also, pretty sure I have a giant crush on you now.

Wait, I know exactly why you sound different than I imagined. It's because all this time I was convinced you were Irish or something.

It's my name :( 
My parents are so unoriginal. 

That's why I love watching Vlogs. I followed a Blog for a whole year and then the writer uploaded a Vlog, and she was so totally not what I imagined... It was nuts.

Erin, vlog more often. I think I already told you that I love this video, but just to make sure the point is clear: I REALLY LOVE THIS VIDEO.

It's fun, but I really wish I had better equipment. I'm bored with everything imovie can do and the resolution my laptop camera is well...you see how it is.

I vlog more often than I blog these days, to be honest. This is a video I did during VEDA.


Welcome to 20SB!






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