Do you ever get self conscious when certain people read your blog?

For the most part, I don't care, however my husband is looking at my blog right now and I'm all of the sudden nervous about what he thinks.  I feel incredibly lame for being self conscious.

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I just don't let any real people read it. For some reason I have a much easier time letting strangers see much of what I post then opening myself up to the judgement of family and friends. Yes, it would make me terribly self conscious.
I post mine on my facebook page, so I have friends and family that read it.

I think its the idea of watching someone read my blog. He said he feels like he's reading a conversation we've had (which is true) It was just weird.
I'm the same that it's the idea of watching someone read my blog - like my mum used to read out things I wrote at school in this special voice that made me squirm...
That's pretty much identical to my experience with my blog - my wife doesn't comment via the blog, she tells me in person and says pretty much the same - I guess that's understandable though as for those close to us, our posts are likely to revolve around things we might chat to our friends/family/significant others about - especially with linking from facebook.
Me too! I haven't told any of my real friends and family that I have a blog and I would probably die if they found out!
I had felt a kind of fear-cum-tension when my uncle and some cousins came across mine. But got over it soon. Let them know how we actually feel and see things, if they really wanna know about us.
But yea, it does make me feel like OH-GOD-NOW-WHAT. .
I haven't felt this way, but I don't post about anything that I would be afraid someone might see.
I don't post anything bad. I guess I'm worried about judgment...maybe? I don't know. He's my husband, I'm pretty sure he doesn't judge me. I'm just paranoid, I suppose.
I felt that way when I first started sharing my blog on Facebook, but now I promote each new post like I'm proud! (Even though I'm secretly wondering, "Who is reading it? What do they think? DO THEY THINK IT'S FUNNY/THOUGHTFUL?!") The idea of extended family members is definitely still kind of weird, though. But one of my aunts recently came across it on my FB page and told me how much she loved it, so that was really nice. Of course, I don't think I write about anything that would make them think I was strange or something... they already know I'm strange.

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I feel the same way! I post it up hoping someone reads it, but at the same time I feel like what if no one thinks I'm funny or judges me. I think it comes with the writing territory in general. It's a lot to share with the world, or at least those 20-30 readers. :)
Feeling better that I'm not alone though.
YES! I feel the exact same way! I love my lil' ole blog, but there is something about posting "stuff" about LIFE that makes me feel weird sometimes. I post on Facebook whenever I update my blog, and people from work will say, "I love your blog..." or something like that...I'm always like..."Um...thanks." And I try to smile but secretly, I'm super self-concious and sheepish.... :-/ I'm right there with ya'! Power through, I guess! :)

I checked out your blog! Super cute! Love the picture of your kitty wrapped up in the carpet! ~Holls
Thank you!

My sister in law reads it and whenever I see her, she comments. I get a little weird, but then its like...well, I do put it out there sooooo...yeah.


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