Do you like/dislike? :)
Do you do it?
Do you have any particular favorites that you watch?

Share your thoughts.

I am asking because I want to maybe start doing vlogs, I just got a good camera :) But that's not the point, just want to know what you think of it.


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I like it if it's a blog that I've been reading for a while and I'm curious what the person is really like. It can give that whole other dimension.
Personally though I don't find it that interesting when people start posting everything as a v-log, because then it tends to be too much... and not as funny or interesting anymore.
I don't dislike it, I find it rather interesting actually. I mean, I could really love someone's blog and the way they write, but as soon as they vlog it can really put me off - it gives you a small insight into the person behind the blog and sometimes I actually don't like them that much. But sometimes it makes me like them even more. Some people don't blog the way they speak so it's weird watching a vlog - I say go for it, and you'll soon find out people's reactions!!

But I agree with Kat - don't do it too often!
Thanks !
I'll think about it.

Yes I do agree, that when I read what other people write and then see them in person all of a sudden, it might be a bit too much, and I don't need that much information to like their blog!

Thanks for sharing your opinions! :)
I enjoy watching them. I personally won't do them because I don't want the people on my blog to know my actual identity. I say go for it.
I like them - it kind of lets me know if the internal voice I've mentally assigned someone is anywhere close to the real thing, lol. Plus it's fun to see people's mannerisms and tone that you don't always get from a written post.

That being said - sometimes it can COMPLETELY ruin it. Years ago, I totally envisioned someone (based on their writing) as this calm intellectual, and then their first Vlog was like.. high pitched, baby voiced and she kept twirling her hair. I think she was nervous and wanted to come across cute but it totally blew it. LOL. I'm cruel.

Its for the SAME reason, though, that I am far too paranoid to go live action. ;-) It will just confirm all suspicions that I'm retarded.
i've recently been posting a lot of personal videos as stand alone entries and I'm usually BEHIND the camera and not infront of it. i was in front of it over the holidays (post hasn't been posted yet) and I'm completely awkward haha.

one of my closest friends sends me video messages all the time and i'd love to have her charm and ease that she has infront of the cam for me.

the voyeur in me LOVES watching vlogs.
I'm a HUGE fan of several vlogs - and are two of my favorites.
Also and
I wont watch them, but I have contemplated making my own. I have no idea if anyone would actually like it.


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