Being on of the few single girls where I work, I've had more than my fair share of co-workers try to date me over the past year. My post about it satirizes the common methods that seemed to be used by each one of them.


What kinds of silly things have you done to try to ask out a co-worker or how has it happened to you?

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First, I would find out if it's against company policy to date a co-worker. I would hate to lose my job over something like this. 



Second, I would see if that guy who stares at me in my cubical is married. (Ghost Written by Erin for Lily)
Third, make sure he's not a creepy janitor. (Loving this game!)
Fourth, make sure he's actually an employee at your company.
Fifth, make sure s/he "plays for your team"
Sixth: Pay off an admin to look up his base salary, average overtime, and benefits package.
Seven: Find him on facebook. If he's not there he's probably not date-worthy.
Eight: If he is on facebook, and date-worthy .... make sure he doesn't have a ton of pictures with young girls.

Nine: Check his music interests and make sure he doesn't have Yanni, Kenny G, or Celine Dion.

Ten:  Make sure they photocopy a picture of their butt and leave it at your desk for you to determine if you would like to date them

I'm married to a former co-worker.


I flirted with him for about 6 months until he finally got the freaking hint and asked me out. I used to bring blank papers into his office to hole punch (his office had the only hole punch) just so I could talk to him, and I'd have to just throw the papers away later.


I also drew him pictures with highlighters a lot. One time, he was having a crappy day and in a bad mood, so I drew him this:


awww cute :) That's awesome that it worked out!


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