Hey guys! Haven't posted in a while. Since we're all in our 20's and pretty much grew up in the era of Sega, Gameboy Color and Nintendo 64, which video game is one you will never forget?

I loved me some Sonic, and Pokemon of course.

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Oh, oh, Spyro, and Chrono Cross!

Okay, I'm done.

Donkey Kong and Banjo Tooie...made it to the Witch's Tower, but never beat it. :(

Did you play the first Banjo Kazooie? I never finished it either.

Dr. Mario put me in the mindset as a child that pills solve everything.

Mario Bros, Zelda and Tetris I think I started playing them when I was 4. 

I was actually of the original NES- none of that 64 nonsense.

And I totally pwned the original 3 Mario Bros games, Dr. Mario, Tetris and Legend of Zelda. We were poor, so we couldn't afford the cheat/guidebooks, so my mom taught me how to make my own. Yes, I made my own maps and guides for Zelda at the ripe old age of 9.

It really is a wonder that I ever got married.

Coolest 9-Year-Old EVER.

This exercise was actually my first experience with graphing paper. You know, so all the maps could be to scale.

I love that you did this. Seriously.

Have to agree, coolest kid ever. 

OH! Crash Bandicoot

I loved Mario and Tetris on my Gameboy. Although I never got past about level 3 of Mario... We weren't allowed a gaming console because we moved internationally, and it would have been incompatible when we finally moved home to Australia. At least that's the excuse my parents used not to buy us a gaming console! Basically, we played computer games instead - mostly Oregon Trail and Civilisation. Aaaaah, the days when you had to use MS-DOS to get into Windows...


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