I render a song composed for my girl.

Whats yours?

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I married him :-P

I couldn't tell you the sweetest thing, I've done for him. He's done a lot for me. Last Christmas my laptop took a crap on me (it was 11 years old) and I came home from work the next day and there was a brand new one under the tree, but not only that, he took the time to put all my stenography software on it (which is a huge pain). That was awesome.
wow that is technologically cool and at the same time sweet :)
i really couldn't answer that. I try to do something sweet for him whenever I can since we're both really stressed out all the time and the little things that make us smile, makes it easier for us to cope with everything going on. I think he'd probably say his birthday- it falls on Valentines day and he's always complained about the fact that he gets overlooked because everyone's too busy dealing with cupid. I refused to let him make a fuss of me for valentines day and kept pointing out to him that it's his birthday- he's the one that should be made a fuss of. I got him some presents he absolutely loved, and we had a great party at a local bar the night before. He's never had a girlfriend that went out of her way for his birthday before.
awww how I wish someone would do that for me :) my birthday falls a month after your guy though :)
I stocked my boyfriends' refrigerator after he spent his entire paycheck paying bills and fixing his car. He didn't expect it. He thought I was only bringing snacks for us to eat while we stayed in and watched movies.
mouth watering thought ei :)
Butt sex.
weirdly cool haha
Haha well, we've only been dating for nine and a half months, but we try to do fun/romantic things on a regular basis. The corniest from me would definitely be Valentine's Day, where I wrote out 60 reasons why I love him and hid them all around his room and in his stuff.

He still hasn't found them all, but he always loves finding them!
That is so cool! What a great idea :-)
I like this question! As something of an eternal singleton I'm kinda sad that I can't answer it, but I'm intrigued by other people's romantic gestures. If anyone would like to write a guest post on such a topic for my community blog, click here to find out how! Or, if you'd like to share a poem, my readers would love to see it!


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