Finding the image or photo that goes with your blog post can be quite time consuming process in itself, thankfully I've managed to go through a few services/sites that provide you with royalty free high quality images and photos you can use for your blog posts and ensuring you are not treading on any copyright material at the same time. 

Here is the actual post about these services: Where to Find Photos for Your Blog

If you found it useful, please consider leaving a comment on there or here, either way hope it helps others out there too.

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That's a great/useful post. For the most part I try to stick to my own images...otherwise I just go googling (and always link back of course). Or I use pinterest, you can usually find images of just about anything there, and they provide the embedding code!

When I use an image from pintrest, I usually just link back to the pin itself.  It may not be from the original photographer, but it will trace back to who originally pinned it.

I like, too!  I need to bookmark this thread.

For the most part, I try to use my own images.  My blog is never really image heavy unless it's one I took specifically for/relating to that post. I find that's just easier as then there's no hassles over rights, because it's mine!   If I do have any, it's usually from Pintrest or where I got the inspiration from.

Great list though! I'll definitely look back at this if I do need images :)

You can also use if you do an advanced search and check off that you only want Creative Commons licensed results. As long as you credit the owner its not violating copyright.

Creative Commons is arguably one of the greatest advancements in culture of modern times (outside of the printing press and electricity).

I concur!

I use images from adverts and promotional stuff, I'm never 100% sure about copyright on the internet, so I figure at least if I use those no-one's going to come along and complain that I put their ad on my blog.

Otherwise I try to use my own or ones my photographer friend gives me.

Thanks for posting this! I am a big fan of Wikimedia Commons. Occasionally I also use images from Pinterest, although it is difficult to trace back & credit the original poster...

This was a great post! So far I've been using images from Flickr Creative Commons.

Me personally?

I go on find a picture i like and EXPLICITLY ASK (no theft ppl ;P) for their permission to use said artwork. It's creative and you get to know its origins. :D 


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