I'm giving my blog an overhaul and I am attempting to write a new "About Me" page. I hate writing "About Me" pages. They always end up sounding forced and awkward. I can't write about myself in a natural way, I suppose. 

Anyone have any advice on putting together About Me pages that will draw in new readers without sounding boring or egotistical?

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My advice is to not over think it. Talk about what makes you you. Where did you grow up, what are your interests, weird quirks, things you don't like. I would also add in why you blog and a little about what you can find on your blog.

I hope that helps.

Short and to-the-point! I'm with Ginny--don't over-think it, but do think of it as part of your blog's big picture. Treat it like a super succinct post. It should be no different in terms of style or voice. I'd also venture to say try getting over the fear of it becoming egotistical. We're bloggers. We all have some level of narcissism. :) So don't hesitate to mention the things you do and do well. I find including some of my goals for the not-too-distant future helps, too. It shows readers what you're interested in, where you're (hopefully) headed, and it gives them incentive to read on to see how you're making your way there.

I definitely agree that matching the blog's overall tone and voice is important for an "about me" page. I thought of mine as an introduction to the site, telling readers what I'm trying to accomplish by blogging and what type of posts they'll find. But my favorite "about me" posts are often just short, choppy lists of the writer's interests. Something about the flow of a list makes the writer seem interesting, like someone whose thoughts are worth reading.

I found this link helpful when writing my "About Me" page (the article itself and then the comments below it):


do check about pages before I continue reading someone's blog (if I've stumbed upon them and read a post, that's usually the place I go next). I like the idea of doing a "ten things to know about me" list. That's a good way for people to figure out the sorts of things you'll be writing about, but it isn't stiff or awkward.

I hate writing About Me pages like nothing else. I rarely change mine, often leaving it after the information becomes majorly out of date, simply because I hate the process of writing them. Still, it's a useful thing to have, so I'll +1 everyone's advice to not stress it too much. I think the best thing would be to keep it simple and make sure it reads similarly to the rest of your blog.

Pictures are always good because they say so much.  Keep the working short and sweet.  Add some random facts that might be kind of funny.  You can always change it if you think of other things to add :)

I agree, I think you need to have at least one picture on the about me page! And it should just be like a little bio...where you are in your life right now/what your doing/what you're blogging about. Also I hate them written in the 3rd person!

I hate About Me's, too. Any sort of About Me (be it for a website, a theatre program, whatever) is such a pain, but as everyone has pointed out -- they're necessary. Mine has a combination of what people have mentioned -- a picture up at the top along with one of my favorite quotes, then a couple of short paragraphs about who I am, what I do, why I write, and my future goals, and then I finish it off with a few fun facts about myself.

Like everyone else said...don't overthink it. Try to think of a few things that really define who you are, or a few quirky things that make you unique, add it together with a few basic facts about yourself and you're good. :)

Yep, About Me's pretty much suck.  But, I definitely take it into consideration when deciding whether I should follow someone's blog.  So I try to have a semi-decent one myself.

I sorta, kinda have a basic structure for my AM page: basic stats, likes (sometimes dislikes), why I blog/what I blog about.  I recent added some contact info at the end also.  It's really all about introducing people to my background and giving them a preview of my writing style (I mean, mentioning I'm have a Psych degree and also am married to a Veteran makes my passion for PTSD/mental health a much more understandable and credible).

I dont think theyre that important for a personal blog. People will follow/read based on your content. I have one for the heck of it and its very short: http://blogyoureabouttoread.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html because thats all people need to know about me to decide if im someone they want to read about. 

I guess if you have stuff to put in an about me that would give you credibility about what you blog then you should have one. but keep it short and sweet and throw in a photo.  

I disagree.  One single good post isn't enough to make me subscribe to a blog, and it's doubtful that I'll scroll through several posts to get a good idea of content on the first visit.  Therefore, an About Me page that provides a quick intro to the blog author & typical topics/attitude does affect whether or not I revisit/follow. 

I hate doing this as well. I say you should just do it like a stream of consciousness. Just put down everything that comes to mind about yourself. Just keep writing, it might surprise you what you wind up with. 


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