I'm about to be starting MY first full time job, and I'm excited as hell. 8-5 data entry position at a job downtown called Chemical Abstracts. I'm getting the position through a temp agency, so I can't say I really had to do a ton of work for it or that it's in my career field (software development and web design), but all the same, I DID have to sign up for the temp agency and "find" it that way hahah.

What was your first full-time job? Was it something that you enjoyed? Did you start it by choice or by necessity? Was budgeting an issue once you were rolling in the dough? Was it just a temporary sort of thing for you?

I'm feeling super anxious and incredibly excited and just want to hear from some other people about this!

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I just finished my first real 9-5 job. I was working as a fit model for a clothing company, and it paid really well. It was just a temporary thing for me as I was saving to go back to university. I really did not enjoy it, AT ALL. The people I worked with were great, but the 9-5 monday-friday grind is really not my thing... Too much routine for me. I am not a morning person either, although after some serious sleep conditioning I found myself getting used to it.
I just didnt like the rush hour traffic on the transit system, the same thing everyday, etc etc... I found myself missing the crazyness of my serving job...crazy!
Alot of people like the security of a steady 9-5 though, so who knows, you may love it! Good luck :)
Thanks Jessica! I'm a big fan of routine, so I'm sure I won't mind the whole 8-5 aspect of the job. The fact that it's data entry will probably mean I'll have quite a bit of down time just sitting around in either a lab or just at a computer, so if I enjoy the people I work with or can just tool around on the internet during my down time, I'm sure I'll love it just fine. :D
How did you get to be a fit model? Did you need an agent or did you find it on your own? I think I might like doing something that doesn't involve sitting at a desk in a cubicle (even if it's 9-5. I'm not picky about hours). Also, what are you getting your degree in? Good luck!
I found the job on my own. They had listed it on an online job bank, I just sent them my measurements and clothing sizes. Then they called me in, measured every inch of my body, and hired me on the spot. Most of the girls come from agencies though. It can also be done freelance, you make more money that way.
I currently have a BSc and am specializing in animal health so I can apply to grad school (veterinary) . Alot of work, but hopefully worth it! :)
Honestly... I've never had a "real" full time job. I had a real Part time job that I enjoyed since I Could switch my schedule around and go on spontaneous cross country trips etc. I'm actually looking into a Real job now. The kind with set hours and a professional environment and such. I'm not sure how I'll like it. In Theory I would love to work in an office and blah blah blah. BUT having to go every day all day w/o being able to just up and Go.... No telling my boss I disagree and will do it my way or someone else can do it... ya... I'm not too sure how that'll work for me. I'll keep looking and we'll see how it goes. Good luck with your job! hopefully I find something soon. Maybe I should look into a temp agency...
I'd give Google Maps a shot for that. The place that I signed up for got amazing reviews by a ton of people on there, and I think it popped up when I did a quick search for Temp Agency. So... It's worth a shot!

And I can totally agree with the whole wanting to just up and go thing. But, most full time jobs give you at least one or two weeks vacation even in your first year working there. Once you've worked there for a few years, if you just save up your vacation, you can have a freaking month or two off of work--paid. If THAT'S not way better than a part time job, I don't know what freaking is.
I worked in a public library which was temporary because I was trying to save money to move to L.A. to be an actress. Then when I got to L.A. I did a lot of stuff through temp agencies, some customer service jobs here and there that I got on my own, and for 4 months I was a movie / tv extra - I literally was on a different set everyday. Having so many different jobs has made it hard for me to get something "real" which is what I want to do now. (I gave up on the acting and I write now but it doesn't pay the bills). The longest full time job I had was as a shipping clerk at a scuba diving co. for 2 1/2 years - I just got laid off in March. What is my next step? No friggin clue. Not only is the economy tough, but my job history puts me at a further disadvantage. *sigh*
Well, I'm currently self-employed, working as a freelance musician... I've never done any job other than that - and I hope I never have to, because I love it!

However, according to parents/other people/careers advisors in schools, that's not a "proper job"...
"When are you going to grow up and get a proper job?" they would ask me... :/ That wasn't nice!

So, by that definition, I still have never had one... Sorry about that!
Live the dream, brother! Never give that up if you don't have to, seriously. I'm quite jealous haha.
Oh, I won't!! I love it... :)

Just saying that, some people don't really class what I do as a "real job", y'see...
Necessity: I work for a State Farm agent... and without this job I'd be probably doing something else, but I do sort of enjoy it and I like that I'm employed. Plus, I get the freedom to blog while at work and that is a great thing.

Budgeting became an issue because I make less here than as a server, and once the restaurant I was at closed I no longer hat 2 jobs and unlimited moolah. Now, although I've gotten a raise since then, I have to budget a lot more. It's helped me a lot because it was something I never really did before. I like a quicker paced job but this is great for now.
My first real job was with Wells Fargo, and I actually stayed there for 8 years, until I left to be at home with my kids.

When I was 17, my dad told me to get a job or he would take away my car. My mom worked at Wells Fargo, and a friend of hers hired me. It ended up being a perfect fit, I loved the company, I moved up and around and did all sorts of things. I do actually miss that job, but the one I have now is infinitely better :)


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