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Let It Go

A small poem about how we crib for worthless issues, it kinda humorous maybe some of you might like it :)

I just moved from Blogger to Wordpress, but my latest (and first) post is about my journey to lose 100 pounds! I hope you check it out! I know I'm always bummed to stumble across a weightloss blog after they've already lost the weight! Samsung has given me a free gym membership for a year to get healthy enough to run my first 5K

Time For A Change! 

I'm still figuring out Wordpress so it's not as pretty or organized as my Blogger was. 

Nice post :)


Are blogs are about the same thing I'll definitely be checking out your blog. Feel free to stop by Deliciously Happy too. Hopefully we can be a great support to one another. 

I'm following you! I'm currently debating on if WordPress is better than Blogger. Everyone says it is, but I feel like blogger is more user friendly. I feel lost at WordPress. 

OKay...so I'm switching back to Blogger. I just can't get a feel for WordPress! 


Are video games bad for kids or a just another part of a normal childhood? Video games are thought of as a waste of time once again...

(Not) Playing Video Games Ruined Your Childhood.

i did it. i posted something that isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

it's painful, it hurts... but it reminds me i am strong.


Thank you Trina. It's been a couple of years since her passing, but it feels just like yesterday.

I was in a "sharing" mood, so I decided to publish that post... I had written it a long time ago.

Thanks again :)



Oh I need to get on this! It's so easy to just stop! 

Checking Out "Lady Parts"

Do you know how to test "Eve's tunnel"? (am i allowed to say v****a here?) If you don't, or if you're curious how to do it, you can check it out here...



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