Well, the last thread was bursting at it seams and it's time to start another around. This is one of the best ways to finding new bloggers and reading fresh content. You never know what you made find by reading what someone else has written.Keep it up!

So, let's keep the ball rollin'!

Did you just update your blog? Share a link to your latest post here. But don't just copy and paste a URL; tell us a bit about your post before you go. We do want to know. :)

Also, be aware that any other "check out my post" threads in the forum will be deleted. Help us keep our forums clean and click that lovely "latest reply" link, or just go to the last page to see the newest posts and add yours.

April 1, 2013: Howdy folks, this thread is now closed. PLEASE GO TO "YOUR LATEST POST (PART 22)" TO CONTINUE THE FUN THERE!

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I just got back from a business trip to Nashville, TN and ate some really great food...

My latest post at http://www.trishnicole.net is sort of my year in review. The ups, downs, highlights, rambling (which I do a lot), etc.

I think I made out pretty darn good this Christmas, how about you? http://undeci.de/2012/12/christmas-loot-12/

As if you all needed ANOTHER Christmas post, eh?

(Yes, I'm from Canada.)

Here is my short but sweet post about my Christmas.

A Very Merry Christmas.


My Dereliction of Duty in the Department of Domestic Arts - http://www.authenticexperience.org/2012/12/my-dereliction-of-duty-i...

Stop the Internet, I HAVE FINALLY SEEN LES MIS! Time to give you guys my thoughts on it. 


I was listening to old records today and it was making me all nostalgic. This is a post about music, vinyl, and random memories that are triggered by songs.

I just wrote about how surprisingly badass Ke$ha's newest album is

I just wrote about the inconveniences of life.



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