Andhari's Groups (34)

  • Girls Club

    388 members Latest Activity: Oct 16, 2013 Somewhere where we can sip virtual cocktails (or mocktails) and have SATC style chats.

  • We love Online Shopping

    18 members Latest Activity: May 26, 2012 A place for us to share tips about stores, and experiences with them. Sizes, speediness, prices .. everything!

  • In It To Gym It

    247 members Latest Activity: Mar 17 This is a place to vent, to despair, to support, to be unbelievably corny. To hold ourselves accountable, be it record calories, ambitions, poundage,…

  • Coffee Addicts

    443 members Latest Activity: Mar 28 A place to talk about coffee addiction, favorite coffee joints, favorite kinds of coffee and more! Coffee drinkers unite!

  • Asian Bloggers

    118 members Latest Activity: Sep 13, 2013 For all the Asians out there who want to speak their mind and share in discussions. Welcome!

  • The Law Crowd

    49 members Latest Activity: Sep 2, 2012 A group for people who are in law school or have entered the big bad world of attorneys, advocates, solicitors, barristers, get…

  • Entourage fans

    37 members Latest Activity: Mar 29, 2011 For all fans of the hit TV show ENTOURAGE! Come and show your love for the guys here!

  • We Like To Party!

    26 members Latest Activity: May 4, 2013 For all those who love a night out and preferably cocktails.

  • Reality TV Junkies

    71 members Latest Activity: Dec 19, 2012 whether you like classy reality like Project Runway and Top Chef or the real trashiness of Rock of Love Bus 3, I love Money, Bad Girls Club etc.…

  • Youtube Lovers!

    53 members Latest Activity: Sep 11, 2013 Do you think Youtube is the best website ever created? Do you like adding Youtube videos to your blog? Do you enjoy watching and making comments for…

  • We love comments!

    1982 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday For all bloggers who love receiving comments on their posts! The idea of this group is to discover each others blogs and leave nice comments on them!

  • Starbucks Junkies

    67 members Latest Activity: Apr 17 For all the Starbucks junkies of the world! What is your favorite drink?

  • Sex

    99 members Latest Activity: Oct 16, 2012 Sex. Love. Education. Likes. Dislikes. Questions. Let's talk about sex.

  • I Like Blogger Friends and Comments!

    1425 members Latest Activity: yesterday This group is for anyone that's looking to find new blogs, comment, and have others do the same on their blogs. So let's do it! Go to the blogs of…

  • 90s kids

    418 members Latest Activity: Apr 17 If you were born in the 80's and grew up in the 90's this group is for you. What better place to reminisce about the good old days?

  • Bar Crawlers Unite

    60 members Latest Activity: Dec 5, 2012 Love the nightlife scene? Do you live for Happy Hour and Friday and Saturday night's out? Here's a place to gather during the week to discuss things…

  • For the Hell of It

    744 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday This is a group for people who like to blog just for the hell of it. No themes. No gimmicks. Just life.

  • Girls with Game

    72 members Latest Activity: Nov 8, 2012 For those sexy sirens & starlets who play men at their own game, love by their own rules and always get what they want.... and who they want ;)

  • 20SB Indie Hip-Hop Enthusiasts

    10 members Latest Activity: Feb 17, 2012 This is a group where people who like indie hip-hop and other progressive types of music can exchange opinions and news on the latest developments on…

  • Twitter

    1473 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday A group for those who enjoy tweeting (and the Fail Whale!)

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