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Thanks Mom

Towards the end of the fall semester, I responded to an email from my university program asking for volunteers to sit on an editorial board for the writing program’s annual Literacy Review magazine. It’s a collection of writing from local adult literacy programs. To be honest, I didn’t give a lot of thought to my decision to volunteer. I’ve wanted to get more involved in university activities and since I’d done work with children’s literacy programs in the past, this seemed like a pretty…


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Home for the Holidays

Cards propped between tree branches, soca carols on the record player, ham on the bone, and Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. Red manicures and new dresses with red heels. My brother singing the wrong words in a key only he knows, my mom cooking like there were twelve of us instead of four, my dad pouring wine for all. I’m home for the holidays.

Christmas may not be quite as magical as it felt when I was a little kid. I’m not home to help my dad put up the tree…


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All Who Wander Are Not Lost

It’s a feeling slowly creeping up on me, one that I don’t really like to admit to anyone but myself…sometimes not even myself: the desire to flee. There’s a little voice that whispers in the dark, ignored corners of my brain that NYC is not the place for me. It’s a voice that speaks in the clipped tones of London, the lazy drawl of the South, the flatness of a Boston brogue, the spicy twang of New Orleans, the lilt of Ireland, or the melody of Italy. Sometimes it whispers in languages I…


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The M Word

You would think that with 100% Caribbean blood flowing through my veins like Meyer’s rum, I’d be better equipped to deal with this grossly sticky heat wave swamping NYC at the moment. You would, apparently be wrong. My current defense against heat stroke seems to be, “shut off brain, direct all blood flow to extremities, and please for the love of god find me a fan.” Hence, zero bloggage over the last couple days. My brain overheated and could barely handle its normal tasks, writing was out…


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Blood of My Blood

My mom and I are exact opposites and also exactly alike. The things I love about my mom tend to be the things I love in myself or wish I could live up to while the things that drive me nuts are absolutely the worst things about myself that I refuse to recognize or deal with. My mom blamed it on astrology, saying that two Aries women were a recipe for trouble. I used to laugh it off, consigning her beliefs to a remnant of her backwards, spooky spirit upbringing. After all, where she came…


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They Say it's Your Birthday

I’ve always loved the timing of my birthday. Two days after the start of spring (just so I could really make sure it was here and not a trick). Three months into the New Year. A full month after Valentine’s Day and usually at least a couple weeks before Easter. It was perfect (except for the fact that I was raised Catholic so my birthday falls during Lent and you’re not supposed to have any fun). The actual fact of having a birthday…that wasn’t always so perfect. Birthdays have…


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If it Ain't Broke...

And we’re back! Did you miss me? Oh come on, I know you did. I missed me too. You know, the sarcastic-when-it’s-funny, self-deprecating-not-self-pitying, non-whiny me. Not that annoying bitch that’s been hanging around here lately boo-hooing and why-meing. She’s a pain in the ass and I had to take a couple days off from here to wrestle her into the sad little corner where she belongs. Don’t worry though. I gave her some tinker toys to play with and a chocolate cake to gorge on. It’s not like…


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The Post Where I Get Sappy

It’s 9PM and my phone is in my hand, two pushes of a button and I press it to my ear, waiting for the familiar voice to answer. As long as I’m home, and even some nights when I’m not, this is my daily ritual. I grin when the receiver clicks and greets me with the cheerful, “Hello,” already knowing who’s calling, no call I’d necessary. Slow your roll people, it’s not a boyfriend (do you think I could have kept that from you?). Despite my fondness for late-night phone calls from the men who…


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Wide Open Spaces

As much as I love it, there’s one thing I always seem to forget about my parents’ condo in Florida. While I always smile over the wonderful weather, the proximity to the beach and the gorgeous palm trees waving outside the windows, I always fail to remember the one thing that never fails to drive me nuts: it’s tiny. Now, don’t get me wrong, by NYC standards, this place is massive. Open floor plan, two bedrooms, two baths, a formal dining room, living room, and sitting room, not to mention a…


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Merry Whatever and a Happy Eff You

December always makes me a little sad. It’s not necessarily because of the holiday season, although that is part of it. I really don’t care that much that I’m “alone” for the holidays. Christmas for me has always been about family, even when my family doesn’t make that big a deal out of it. I’ve spent a couple holiday seasons in relationships and although it was nice to have someone to do all those couple-y holiday things with, it’s not something I desperately miss. What…


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Grateful For the Miss

Maybe it’s the invincibility of youth or a misunderstanding of what real danger is, but I didn’t give much thought to Hurricane Irene. Sure, I took my laptop home from work so I’d be able to work yesterday even if the trains were shut down, but my train has shut down in regular rainstorms, so it wouldn’t have been that surprising. I gathered up my candles and flashlights in case the power went out, not really believing it would, but it happens sometimes so it’s best to be prepared. And that…


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Just a Bump in the Road

Does disappointment ever get easier to deal with? Whether it’s a man that didn’t call back, or a job that, well didn’t call back, disappointment can hit like a fresh wound every time. Even for someone like me who has built up a fairly thick shield of armor, not getting what you want can get under your skin. It makes your stomach drop to your toes and tears well up in those beautiful eyes. And only through repeated exposure do you learn how to let it pass and move on.


The other…


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Oh Brother, My Brother

Some girls want to find a man like their father. Daddy’s little girls look up to the biggest hero in their lives and imagine if they could just find a man who loved them the way he does, they’d have the perfect relationship. I am not one of those girls. There is a home movie that perfectly captures the peak of my relationship with my father. I was about three, still hanging onto the little pink teddy bear that I carried everywhere (and that I still have!) with my hair in fuzzy little braids.…


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