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A Step Back

His name stood out from the list in my chat screen, the little green icon daring me to click on it. My finger itched as I hovered over it, seeing the familiar picture spring up with his lopsided smile. It was like a bottle of wine to an alcoholic. I sighed and emailed Roo instead. Ten minutes later, I hopped over to Facebook to respond to Bee’s comment on my profile, only to see…


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The Hard and the Soft

I was never the girl that had a “type”. Unless, of course, you count guys I shouldn’t like as a type. There are patterns, sure, but someone always comes along to break it up.  I tend to be attracted to white guys, guys with dark hair and light (blue, gray, or green) eyes, jocks, guys with tattoos, guys who play guitar, and of course guys who can one way or another give me a run for my money. That is, the sarcastic ones, the smart ones, the guys that can give as good as they can take in…


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Cat and The Bad Man Karma

I believe in karma. More importantly, I believe in man karma. It basically boils down to the way that you treat one man gives you good or bad karma for the next guy that comes along. So if that sweet, geeky guy that works in the mailroom comes up to you after work one day to shyly ask you out and your response is to laugh in his face and ask what the hell he’s thinking since you’re clearly out of his league…bad man karma. Telling him that you’re flattered but you prefer to keep your…


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The M Word

You would think that with 100% Caribbean blood flowing through my veins like Meyer’s rum, I’d be better equipped to deal with this grossly sticky heat wave swamping NYC at the moment. You would, apparently be wrong. My current defense against heat stroke seems to be, “shut off brain, direct all blood flow to extremities, and please for the love of god find me a fan.” Hence, zero bloggage over the last couple days. My brain overheated and could barely handle its normal tasks, writing was out…


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Too Many Voices, Too Much Fear

I dropped Roo off after a day of shopping, headed home and did something I basically never do: I turned off my phone. I’m always reachable. I have about fourteen different modes of communication on my phone, everything from email to texts to Twitter. Not to mention a good old fashioned phone call. Plus, my computer is usually on and within arm’s length if I’m home. But last night, I cut off all modes of communication, popped a couple pain pills and curled up on the couch next to my mom with…


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Dating Ms. Independent

I met a guy. I met a guy at a club and he was sweet and funny and he treated me like a lady, asked for my number, and didn’t try anything funny. We danced and we laughed and I left. He didn’t even try to kiss me. Then he texted me to make sure I got home okay, said goodnight and asked if we could hang out the next day before I caught my train to spend the weekend upstate with the family. He was nice and polite with just a hint of cheekiness and he’s doing the whole pursuing me thing. And it…


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For the Fun of It

“So when do you have time to date?” The question came in the middle of a conversation that covered everything from work to grad school to how I keep my apartment clean (the answer is barely). With all these things going on, it made sense to ask a single woman where dating fits in. But for me, the simple answer is…it doesn’t. In the last year or so, I’ve mainly taken a “take it or leave it” approach to dating. And more often than not, it’s been “leave it”. While my friends regale me with…


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Yours, Mine, and Ours

I spent this past weekend in my hometown, catching up with Roo and spending Mother’s Day with my mama. But with the weather as gorgeous as it was and my old car in need of some freedom, I also took the opportunity to do a little joyriding. With my Kardashian-esque sunglasses tinting the world a golden brown and the windows rolled down low, I zipped around town with a goofy smile on my face. And since I have no patience for traffic, I ducked the Saturday jams in favor of back roads and…


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Tell Me I'm Beautiful

What’s the best word a woman can be called by a man? Gorgeous? Smart? Sexy, pretty, cute, intriguing, intelligent, interesting, amazing? Beautiful. Beautiful is what our daddies called us when we ran up to them for a hug in our favorite frilly dresses. Beautiful is what our mothers called us when they helped us pick out that perfect prom dress, and what they said when the boy broke our hearts, and when the other girls were so much cooler and prettier than us. Beautiful is what we say to our…


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Good Enough Just Ain't Good Enough

“All too often, we literally do not know any better than good enough.” I found that in an article I was reading this morning about productivity, goals, and ambition. You know the typical motivational crud that gets passed around corporate environments to get employees psyched up and working hard. The rest of the article was basically the same old “think outside the box” junk that has become so cliché its original meaning is all but forgotten. But that one sentence stuck out at me and…


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It's (Not Complicated)

It was the summer after Wolf and I broke up. I was in full-on lust with Ducky, despite his having long gone back to Florida and no prospect of his returning (what is it with me and guys from far out of town?). Bones had just told me that he was going to China in the fall to teach English. We were in my car on the way to the movies, because that’s what we did all that summer, and because I always drive when we’re together. His…


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Pass the Disappointment Please

I had a friend who had a fantastic blog (no this isn’t a “friend”, she’s a real person who is not me). I loved it and her because she always had something inspiring to say. Every day she wrote something eloquent and motivational about loving yourself, following your dreams, not needing a man, and standing strong. And I loved her for it. I read every single day and would text her with my thoughts, which usually ran to, “that was so good!” And then she met a guy. Or I guess I should say that…


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Great Expectations

I’ve always been one for spontaneity. When friends in college decided to have an impromptu party on a Tuesday of all nights, I was in before they could decide whose dorm to have it in. When Wolf decided it was a perfect day to take the motorcycle out, I climbed on the back and let him take us anywhere his little heart desired, even if that meant a two hour ride to Captree over a bridge that stretched for miles over nothing but ocean. It was how I ended up in China, booking a ticket on the…


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The Old Switcheroo

I watched the clock slowly tick away, trying to amuse myself with Pinterest and Bejeweled while pretending to work. At two it felt like five, at four, it felt like I’d been sitting in the same position for fourteen hours, despite going on a twenty-block jaunt at lunch. It wasn’t just the dinner and movie plans I had with the boys (dad and brother) after work. It wasn’t even that I didn’t have anything interesting to do. Lord knows I’d had days with much less work and had still managed to get…


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Runaway Hearts

Sometimes when I fall for a guy, I can see the end coming. Before things have even began, I know that there’s no way it can work. My brain screams at me, “What are you doing you silly girl? It will never work!” But do I listen? Have I ever listened? I can’t think of a single time that I have. More often than not, I plunge headlong into what I know will bring my downfall. It’s stupid really. Why would you intentionally do something you know is bad for you? My excuse in the past has…


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Come At Me Bro

You’re a tough broad. You’re strong. You’re a fighter. For some reason, my friends love to tell me these things, usually in varying tones of “shut the fuck up, stop complaining and do what you do”. And ultimately it works because they’re right: I’m a tough broad. I’m not a yes woman or a girl who cries at the drop of the hat. Quite the opposite actually: I have to have the perfect situation if I’m going to give myself permission to break down and let the tears come. I also don’t give up. I…


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I Want a Puppy Not a Boyfriend

I had a really well-thought-out post planned for today. And then I started talking to one of my buddies, and well, you get this instead. Such is life. He’s a member of my resident guy panel: the dudes I turn to when I need a “what does this mean in girl language” translation or need to be reassured that I am not entirely fucked up and will eventually find some schmuck crazy enough to love me. And when he told me he’d managed to help his sister land a boyfriend in what seemed like mere…


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Ain't Your Average Bird

So I had me a little fun yesterday giggling about certain guys and their peacocking ways. To add to the list: flashy belt-buckles, talking endlessly about your top-notch alma mater, bragging about how many times you go to the gym, and listing all the “incredible” concerts you’ve seen or bands you loved before they were famous…all peacocking. But as promised, we’re going to take it to a…


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I Want to See Your Peacock

I’ve jumped around a couple different industries since graduating college, but one constant among them all has been the penchant for meeting uh…interesting people. There was the guy who had invented an old-school 8-bit Nintendo game of The Great Gatsby. Another woman was a mild-mannered office worker by day and a bone-cracking roller derby chick by night. And then, there were the real characters: the clients and authors I’ve gotten to know over the years. One of my…


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The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it. The principle applies equally to macrohistory, like wars (hello Afghanistan) and personal history. Case in point, I was getting my gchat on with Roo (because that’s how I communicate with my personal panel of “explain this to me”) when I was hit with a major case of déjà vu. And as with any such case, I wracked my brain trying to figure out where it came from. And then it hit me, like a jet powered face palm: we’d had this same…


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