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Life Goes On

*Reblog from Journey Thru L

Life goes on.

I almost started crying last night as I lay in bed realizing that I had gone the last few hours without thinking about Toby. The realization that life continues whether he is with me or not was terrifying. I’ve placed so much importance on…


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Jet Set Go !!! Day 1: Bangkok : Part :1

Date: 24th December 2012

Day 1: Bangkok

Flight arrived at Don Muang International Airport 20 minutes prior to the scheduled time.


Walked straight to the Visa on Arrival counter. I saw a lot of people queueing up, I joined them too. Out of curiosity I walked a bit further a checked, it was the queue for those who did not carry their photograph. Since I carried one with…


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Things I'd Never Say

There are so many things I wish I could tell you. But what's the point right? Because you ignore me. Why? I'm really not sure. But I've seen you do this before. I thought we were grown, I thought what we had was real. We fell in LOVE. Hard. Not just some fling where we dated. I was ready to spend my life with you. And I wasn't seeing the end coming. I was so happy with you. We only had one problem, but you already know…


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99 Problems Wednesday: Being The Change That You Want To See

Don't want to live on this planet anymore because of all the stupid people and the stupid things you see go unchanged? Then do something about it and stop using memes as your counter argument. Grow a fucking spine and take initiative. 


For the full article,…


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I feel like advertisements for Haunted Houses need to step up their game. 

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Shameless Plug Tuesday: Guy On A Buffalo

When you see a guy on a buffalo, you don't mess with him. He'll break your gun on a stump.


Click the image for the article!!!



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Decorating a Baby Nursery on a Budget

We’re moving this weekend – finally. I should be thinking about moving, unpacking and transferring our utilities to the new house. Instead, all I can think about is the absolute LAST thing on my list: the baby nursery! Like I said before, I’m trying to achieve an overall little-boy-but-not-overly-cutesy theme. One of the big reasons I don’t want to go that route is that I want the bean’s room to be able to grow with him. I don’t want it to be too “babyish” where we’re going to…


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Heavy on Fashion talks to Trendenzas

Check out my latest interview with Cassandra Caldwell, Owner of Trendenzas on my fashion blog Heavy on Fashion at

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Arriving at Forgiveness

I keep running away like forgiveness could never have a place,

everybody asks for this fast life, and they end up wanting.

no scratch that, they end up needing one thing.




to forgive yourself, is to love your self with strength, and belief in your ability to do so.

the day you fall in love with yourself, so will the world.


Thats what i knew,

but what if it really is in our heads.

what if i could…


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MMMWOS Interview with Sol Infinite

Check out the Latest Interview with hip hop artist Sol Infinite on Milan Malan Word on The Street . Go to…


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Heavy on Fashion Presents: A look at A.Turen In NYC

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I have the chance to check out a fabulous sale and collection preview party at A. Turen. A. Turen is a fabulous and stylish boutique on the lower East Side in NYC. They have some of the hottest designers including Wicce, Timo Weiland, Charlotte Ronson, Ambre Babzoe, Stouls, IRO, and Clover Canyon. So here is a look at A. Turen Fashion Week Kick Off Sale!…

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Sushi and Crazy People

On my very first day working at this sushi restaurant, an obese black woman stomped her way through the front door, and was greeted with a warm “NO! NO! OUT!” from my manager, to which she replied with a graceful “Fuck yall thay’n! I go do my bidness on yo sidewalk.” And she proceded to do just that: her “bidness” on our sidewalk. Luckily there was a cop on a horse that happened to witness the transaction and called in reinforcements to arrest her. Her panties remain a fixture…


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Living on the edge

This is what Living On The Edge means to me. Take chances, but know when to retreat. Stand out, but never stand alone. Roll with the punches, but never start a fight...

Full post and photos at: Living on the…


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Puppy love

While I was browsing through photos on my computer today I happened to stumble across my all time favourite Lisen photo. It's of Lisen saying goodbye to one of her puppies.

Full post: Puppy…


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Heavy on Fashion at Shecky's Girls Night Out

Hello all my Heavy on Fashion. I got the chance to go to Shecky's Girls night out June 22nd. I had a wonderful time especially because I got the chance to go with my Mom! It was great because my mom got to see some great new fashions, drink some delish cocktails, and I got to spend some time to with my mom! …

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Picking Up Pennies

Today I found a penny just lying on the ground,

but its not just a penny this little coin I've found.

Found pennies come from Heaven.

That's what my grandmom said.

She said Angels toss them down.

Oh how I loved that story!

She said when an Angel misses you they toss a penny down.

Sometimes just to cheer you up or to reverse your frown.

So don't pass by that…


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"The Hang on Girl" or "Why I Hate Asterisks"

t's been a few days since I've updated you on the latest comings and goings of these (clears throat) "men" floating in and out of my life, so I thought I'd devote today's post to something a little less dramatic and just fill in the gaps. I'm sure you've probably thought that I went back into my usual drought but there are some signs of life for my social calendar. Now, I don't know that these signs of life are going to be sustaining or simply just blips on the monitor, but I haven't flat-lined… Continue

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breakfast at tiffany's.

I’m wearing the necklace he gave me again.

The pretty Tiffany’s one that he bought me only shortly after we had gotten together – the one that I took off four months ago and swore would never again leave my jewelry box.

Just like how the months have allowed the song that always reminded me of him to become just another song, those four untouched months of collecting dust have transformed what had at one point symbolized the beginning of a deep and budding…


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Being American with Olympic Humanity

I think it is a rare occasion, worth recognizing, when a Yankee’s Fan and a Red Socks Fan can sit in the same bar and root for the same team… Team USA. The camaraderie of being American is something that is lacking and usually only during great loss (like 9/11) or war, brings out that kind of patriotism. So, it’s refreshing to see people walk a little taller and feel a little more patriotic,… Continue

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Following & Facebook; Blogger talk

I'm feeling a bit off today. Not just mentally, but physically as well. Go on and check out my blog for more details. I'm not going to get into that. Because that'd be whinging. And last time I posted, I whinged in here and posted a happy post in blogger, so we'll swap it this time, yeah? :)

Basically, what I am here to talk about is Blogger's "Follow"-function. I'm not proud to say that I do not follow anyone. Not one… Continue

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