The best dating advice I’ve ever received was to be the kind of person you want to date. If you want someone who’s fit and sexy, you should probably get your ass off the couch and hit the gym. If you want someone who has their life together, you should probably pay off those credit card bills and put some effort into your career. Basically, don’t be a hypocrite. Sounds good right? So why do we so often fail to follow such fantastic advice? Um….no clue. Probably because it’s easier to continue doing what we’re doing and then whine about it not working. But, I made a commitment to ditch helplessness this year. And I have enough things to complain about without adding things that I can actually do something about.

So along with my original mantra to “fake it ‘til you make it”, I’m adding a new one for a new year: “be the kind of person you’d want to date”. So the first step? Figuring out what kind of person I want to date. Which is hard for me, because I think I tend to downplay what I deserve or what’s possible. When you string it all together, how could one person have all the qualities that I’m looking for? Well, let’s find out. Because if I can have all these qualities, then surely I can find someone else with them…right? Okay, let’s put the doubts aside for a minute and see what we’re dealing with first:


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