I’ve been thinking a lot about paths lately. I’ve come to the conclusion that life is a journey and mine does not consist of a dead sprint to the top. But, when you feel like you’re getting lapped, it’s hard not to wonder if you might be better off on the fast track. But I’ve actually spent time on that track. When I thought I knew what I wanted and focused solely on getting there, there’s no doubt that I was powering up the mountain. But then I somehow wandered off. Suddenly, I wasn’t sure which was was up, which was down, and I kept trying to fumble my way back to the original trail. Until I asked myself why.


Why was I trying to get back to something that I couldn’t even find? And I realized it’s because I thought I should. I should have a five year plan, know what to do with my degrees (the one I have and the one I’m getting), decide where and how I wanted to live. That’s how you get ahead. You need a plan to summit the mountain. But if you ever saw me on a night out, you would understand that I don’t usually work that way. I make snap decisions and change my mind at a minute’s notice. I may waffle over a decision until it needs to be made, and then I just go and figure out the next steps along the way.

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