Editor's Note: Enjoy this guest post from recurring guest blogger, Marie, my longtime friend (twenty years in September!) who I'm trying to convince to start her own blog. I bet you'd never guess I'd have a friend as opinionated and outspoken as I am.

Headed home for the evening, I was never so happy to see my house. It had been one of those days...you know, it was as if everything that could have gone wrong did. My files were incomplete, nothing was presented correctly, and another contract was put on hold for whatever little glitch that they found. So you know in general, the perfect day. Coming into my house, as usual, I brought in the mail. Surprise, Surprise! It was a letter from my medical insurance company, as if somehow they knew that this was about to make my day even better. I opened up this letter, and it was basically informing me that my insurance premium was about to go up. That was not surprising to me considering all the medical incidents I’ve had throughout this year, however, and even more surprisingly, that was not the reason. According to the letter, my premium was going up because I was entering in a new age bracket. Really? I have a hard enough time dealing with getting older with my birthday looming on the horizon, so this was frustrating. So I get punished for turning older?


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